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Badlands Hanover pictured above, driven by Ron Pierce won in a 150.0!! Badlands proved he was the best in his pacing class!!

Pictured far above is Galleria, George Brennan pictured in the middle's first win of the night. Galleria proved herself very impressively pacing in 151 even. Pictured below George is his 2nd and final win of the nite, Juliet's Fate. Juliet proved herself nicely pacing in 152 even. George was the only driver with multiple wins on the night.

Above pictured is C R Commando on the left, proving she is the best 2 year old trotter!! Pictured right is the man, Carl Allen, who reined her to her record 153.2 win. Bred, Raised, Trained and Driven by the Carl and Rod Allen Stable, C R Commando made her daddy Royal Troubador proud!!

Pictured above is Artiscape reined by Mike Lachance, proving himself once again. Pacing in 149.3, Artiscape repeated his win from last year as a 2 year old. The son of Artsplace will retire to stud after this year.

Muscles Yankee proved himself once again, John Campbell, pictured right, in the bike trotting in 153 even. Muscles Yankee just retired to Peretti Farms where he will serve stud duty.

Musical Victory cruised to a impressive 155.3 trot performance. Luc Ouelette, pictured right, reined her to her impressive win.

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