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I have no idea who owns this guy, but he sure is cute and funny. My friend sent him to me, he has found a home in my Humor Page hehe... He'll be the host! Lets call him Green Alien.

Funny Links and Others

The Funny Pages
Alot of different jokes and stories... Green Alien says : Very funny, worth a click and ad look!
Visual Reality
Try this!!!!! Stare at this pic and get a picture of Jesus in your head. Green Alien says : This is Cool, try it out. It works, believe me!
Big Tees Jokes!
Lots of hillarious jokes here... Just follow the directions and you will get them. Green Alien says : If you can follow directions go here and you will be rewarded, if you cant, try it anyways.
Very funny!, try the chat room. Green Alien says: This is one of the best, a quality laugh site.
Oh My Goodness
Lots of Humor Postcards here, and others. Green Alien says: If you want to make someone laugh with a card, this is the place for you.
Funny Jokes
Lots of Cartoons, Comics, Jokes, and a Joke of the Day. Green Alien says: Not bad at all, love the cartoons and comics!
Wow, a big selection of categories of jokes! Green Alien says: Very funny, so many things to choose from, you dont know where to start, prepare to spend hours here!
A Day At The Races
Cute Harness Racing Joke page... Green Alien says: If you like Horse racing and you like jokes... this is the place for you!

Wow!! This guy sure cant wait can he!!!!

Spot sure likes to dance!! Jumped off the 7UP bottle to dance for us!

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