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people have come and will remember Whitesville Music.

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Whitesville Music ,no mark, (1,563.50)

TW Music Man- Cumbria- Armbro Target

Trotter black filly, foaled 1996

Whitesville Music was a 2 year old trotting filly. She died early this morning Saturday August 22nd. She died because she had a colic, and her heart gave up after hours of struggling.

She had just finished running a race, in where she tied up, She was looking fine after the race. We gave her some time before putting her in the trailer. When we tried to put her in the trailer. She stumbled and fell down, we could not get her back up. We learned that she had a heart murmur, we never even knew! Around 1 this morning, her heart gave out. She tried very hard, and numerous of times to get up. She was a fighter....

I will never forget her. She was so calm, she never did anything bad. She always listened to you. She was a really smart horse, it is such a shame that she had to go that early.


This was and will always be my favorite horse. We played together all the time. I was often considered her conditioner because i jogged her almost all the time. I will deeply miss her. Goodbye my baby.


Thank you very much for coming and remembering Whitesville Music. She will be remembered forever.