My pages within my site!!!!!

Scotts Horse Page 2
A Stable Roster here, and a News Center.
Scotts Horse Page 3
Miscellaneous Site Links here, a Congratulations center, Breeding lines of our horses, and a horse description and looks section.
Scotts Picture Page
My Personal Pics page, pictures of me are here. Currently there are 5 pictures of me.

Scotts Picture Page 2
My 2nd picture page, pictures of good nice looking horses. Check it out for a few exciting horse pics.

Scotts Picture Page 3
My 3rd picture page, pictures of local horses from canada. And a couple others. Nice page...

1998 Breeders Crown!!!
Pics of most of the winning Breeders Crown horses plus info on them. Nice pics, not bad page.

Scotts Best Trotters
My picture page of my best trotters in my opinion. Alot of successful trotting sires here.

Scotts Best Pacers
My picture page of my best pacers in my opinion. Alot of successful pacing sires here.

Scotts Best Drivers
My picture page of my favorite Drivers That i have pics of, I currently only have a few, but I am working on getting more pics.

Scotts Friends Horses
A page with my friends horses, I am currently getting more and fixing this page.

Remembering Whitesville Music
A page remembering my favorite horse. please visit and always remember her.

Music and Target
A page about 2 of our horses, Whitesville Music and Whitesville Target whom are siblings.

Ground and Lindy
A page about 2 more of our horses, Whitesville Ground and Whitesville Lindy. They love each other!

Harvest Farms of Delaware horses
A page of horses owned by the Harvest Farms of Delaware whom we train for.

Want To Be Rich
Want To Be Rich's pictures!! A BIG horse.... check them out.

Not Alone and Cockeyed Joe
Cockeyed Joe and Not Alone's pictures... some good pics of them here.

Too Much To Miss
Too Much To Miss's pictures... cute filly isnt she. Also a win picture at Harrington!

Scotts Home Pics

My pics of my house, and inside my house. Some nice pics of my house here!!

Scotts Frame Pics

A few pictures of me in frames. Framework was done by Dean Howlett, nice frames!!

Scott's Artwork Page

A page of horse artwork, currently there are only two pics, both submitted by Dean Howlett. I am currently looking for more.

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