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These Pacers have been viewed million times.

This is Jate Lobell, a son of No Nukes and out of a mare named J R Amy. He's sired many many successful horses.

This is Cam Fella, the awesome son of Most Happy Fella and out of a Bret Hanover mare named Nan Cam. Cam Fella sired many many successful horses. Cam Fella has been retired due to fertility problems and toured over the United States last year.

This is LAAG, my favorite Pacing Sire.... tied with Jate Lobell, isnt he gorgeous... so beautiful.

This is Niatross, the awesome son of Albatross, whom you see at the bottom of the page, and he's out of a Most Happy Fella mare named Cream of Freight. He was an awesome horse, and an awesome sire!! You see his famous fall over the Saratoga Hubrail.

This is the awesome Artsplace. He is a son of Abercrombie and out of a Albatross mare named Miss Elvira. He's the sire of Arturo who just completed his first year at stud.

This is the !awesome! Albatross with Stanley Dancer in the bike. Albatross is a son of Meadow Skipper and out of the mare Voodoo Hanover. He has sired Many Many horses who have retired to stud duty, he could be one of the best sires ever.

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