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Race Schedules

Ocean Downs and Harringon are closed right now.

Dover races Saturday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 4:30 post time... and Sundays 1:00 post time. Qualifiers are Friday morning at 10:30.

Rosecroft races on Friday nites - Saturday nites 7:30 post time daily. Qualifiers are Wednesday mornings at 10:00.

Come see all the action!

Gregg White's Stable Roster

I will be keeping track of our horses here at the Gregg White Stable.

SAMBVKA--- Sammy trained great Saturday, went in 2 minutes flat. Will try to get him in this weekend at Rosecroft.

WHITESVILLE ROAD--- Road qualified yesterday and trotted in 2:03.4. He was okay... not too good.

WHITESVILLE STAR--- Still turning out at the farm. Munching on the grass.

WHITESVILLE LINDY--- She is sick, she has a virus. Starting back soon.

WHITESVILLE GROUND--- She's sick right now, she has a virus. Starting back soon.

WHITESVILLE TARGET--- He trained pretty good Saturday.... doing quite well.

NOT ALONE--- Starting to come on now! Doing very well. He has been timed in 2:55 a couple weeks ago, and it was hopple-less!!

PARTYINTHEFORREST--- Party raced well Friday night, He had the 6 pp and finished 4th. Had the lead for a bit but tired at the end. Pleased with him, will try to put him in this weekend at Rosecroft.

ALL AMERICAN BUD--- Bud is very stupid, he kicks the wall, and he is very lazy when he runs. Bud is a pretty good gaited pacer, but he just doesnt try. He's jogging fair right now.

Predicted Win-Times

I'll be predicting our horses win times this year, remember these are only predictions based on my knowledge of the horse.

WHITESVILLE ROAD(T)--- Road won in 2:02 last year, I predict he'll win going 2:01 this year.

SAMBVKA(P)--- I think Sammy will win in 1:57.2 late in the year.

PARTYINTHEFORREST(P)--- I predict that Party wins in 1:56.7 late this year.

WHITESVILLE GROUND(T)--- I predict she'll win in 2:02 at least.

WHITESVILLE LINDY(T)--- I predict she'll win in 2:03 at least.

WHITESVILLE TARTET(T)--- I predict he'll win in 2:05 at least.

NOT ALONE(P)--- I predict he'll win in 1:59.3 this year.

WHITESVILLE STAR(T)--- I predict she'll win in 1:59 if she comes back from her injury healthy.

ALL AMERICAN BUD(P)--- If he wins this year, he'll win in 1:59.

(P)- indicates Pacer.

(T)- indicates Trotter.