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These Trotters have been viewed million times.

This is Trade Balance, trained/driven by David Wade whom i personally think is the BEST trotting man in the world. Trade Balance proved himself recently in the Kentucky Futurity, beating Muscles Yankee, Conway Hall, Kick Tail and other top trotters. Trade Balance will probably go to Stud duty after this year.

This is MALABAR MAN, winning the 1997 Hambo!! His owner/amateur driver Mal Burroughs is driving him as he normally did.

These Pictures have been viewed million times.

This is my Favorite Trotting Sire SUPERGILL..... TROTTERS ARE THE WAY TO GO!!!!!

Thank you Daniel Waxman for the these pictures, Trade Balance and Super Gill, Daniel probably has the biggest picture library of horses!!! Thank you Danny Boy!

This is MUSCLES YANKEE the winner of the '98 Hambo!! Trained by Chuck Sylvester, he is being driven by John Campbell in this picture. MUSCLES YANKEE is one of the best 3 year old trotters ever.

This is Kavakola, one of my favorite horses! He's owned by Charles Pitts, mainly driven by Eddie Davis. He's a trotter by Supergill whom you see above. Kavakola has been a fixture in the Delaware area. This is him setting the track record for 2 yr old trotters at Dover.